Turning Problems into Profits

Our Management Team is Growing!

Last year was a big year for OBS.  We simply ran out of room at our old building on West Central and had to make a decision.  We either had to stop helping any more doctors or make the decision to grow.  Of course we decided to continue to help doctors who needed our services!  We moved into our 20,000 square foot facility in August, and it’s been a wonderful adventure ever since!  Our new space and additional staff have allowed us to help more practices.  In order to ensure that we provide the same quality in our services with the new growth, we’ve added two more senior billers as Coordinators on our management team.  The role of the Coordinator is two-fold:  to assist our billers with questions as difficult claims arise and to help our clinics with whatever they may need.  Please know that these ladies are experts in their field and are here to assist you in any way that they can!

Below is a picture of our management team taken at a recent in-house leadership training.  The team meets weekly in our beautiful new conference room to plan and organize for the week.  We make sure to stay on top of  your billing so you don’t have to!