Turning Problems into Profits

Insurance Billing for Optometrists

OBS was the first billing company in the country dedicated solely to optometry, and we’ve remained the industry leader since our beginnings in 2005. With clinics in over 40 states, we already know your insurance payers and their billing rules. Our staff of over 100 experienced billing specialists are unsurpassed in their knowledge and expertise.  Our clinics often see a significant increase in revenues, and because they’ve turned their billing over to professionals, the doctors and staff can now get back to the important business of taking care of patients.

Our experience in handling difficult claims, our expansive knowledge of insurance, and our know-how and tenacity in digging into a mountain of Accounts Receivables all mean a bigger bottom line for your practice!  You’ll also see improved cash flow with fast turn-around times for your claims.  Eighty-five percent of our claims pay within the first 30 days, and by 60 days 95% of all claims have paid!  And we continue to work on the remaining 5%, calling insurance companies and writing appeals.  Our goal is to collect every penny due to our doctors!

  • Are you struggling to maintain control over your insurance billing and account receivables?
  • Trouble finding or keeping trained billers who understand the confusing maze of insurance billing?
  • Is your staff too busy to follow up on unpaid claims?
  • Are you writing off thousands of dollars in uncollected money because you don’t have the expertise to get insurance companies to pay?

If so, you’ve joined the ranks of untold other optometric practices that are losing thousands of dollars in lost revenues and mounting ARs.


Optometric Billing Solutions Can Help!


We‘re experts at:

• Submitting claims to ensure maximum insurance reimbursements

• Posting insurance payments accurately and quickly

• Managing Account Receivables, working EVERY unpaid claim

• Following up on problem accounts, researching and reprocessing so they pay out

• Serving as a professional resources for billing and insurance questions

• Helping set up procedures for effective billing processes

• Compiling monthly AR reports for the practice to track trends and monitor receivables

• Increasing the practice’s insurance reimbursement






Our services pay for themselves.

  • We’re professionals who know how to collect every available dollar.
  • We know your insurance payers, so we know how to maximize reimbursements.
  • We can help you identify claims in which you’re consistently leaving money on the table.
  • Claims go out clean the first time, leaving fewer unpaid accounts.
  • When we do have an unpaid claim, we know how to follow up to get it paid.
  • We’re experts at tackling your AR.
  • You won’t have to worry about staff turnover, covering vacation time, or unpredictable cash flow because you’ll always have full-time professionals working on your accounts.

We’re experts in the field of insurance billing for optometrists.

  • We only serve optometrists, so we understand the unique demands of a profession that requires a strong knowledge of both medical and routine billing and how to meld the two for the greatest financial benefit.
  • We have practices in forty states, so we already know your insurance payers and their rules.
  • We’re not an optometric department within some large medical billing company who mainly serves MDs; we are optometry, and we keep abreast of what is happening in the optometric field.
  • Because we specialize, you benefit from our wealth of knowledge and expertise arising from a company who has been in business over 12 years.

We become a committed part of your practice.

  • You’ll have a team of trained billers assigned specifically to your office, so we really get to know your clinic, your staff, and your patients.
  • You can trust our billers to be absolutely reliable.  They’ll make sure your claims are filed within 3 business days, your weekly insurance payments are posted by deadline, and your month is balanced and closed on time.
  • We’re accessible; you can reach us any time you have a question.  But most important, we take an honest ownership in your practice by doing the best job we can.  That’s just the nature of our company; we can’t give you anything less than our best.  We may be remote, but we are definitely not detached!

We’re a valuable resource for your practice.

  • We’ve prepared training videos for your front desk and optical staff. (See the Office Training tab.)
  • We’ll help keep you abreast of important insurance changes in the industry that can affect your practice.
  • If we see common errors your staff is making, we’ll notify you and are available for staff training.
  • If we see that your fees are under insurance allowables for your state, we can advise you and help you work up a fee schedule for maximum reimbursements.
  • We track VSP errors on what your staff is collecting from patients and prepare a report so you can train your optical staff.
  • Is your staff having trouble collecting patient copays or explaining the difference between medical and routine vision care?  We can help with scripting to improve how they communicate with patients.
  • Our clinics rely on OBS to help make their practice the best it can be!


At the end of the day, the bottom line is your cash flow, so improving your revenue cycle is critical for your business. Here’s a formula that has the power to turn your practice’s finances around:

Control Equals Cash Flow!

Simple, but very effective. If you have control over your claims, filing quickly and accurately for the best reimbursement you can get, you’ll increase your cash flow.

If an insurance company incorrectly processes a claim and you follow up in a timely and efficient manner, you increase your cash flow.

If you have collection and billing procedures in place to control your account receivables and keep denials to a minimum, you increase your cash flow.

Let us get you in control again and increase your cash flow!