Turning Problems into Profits


What our clients are saying!


We had tried two billing services prior to OBS with disastrous results, so the doctors and I were a little gun-shy about trying to outsource again, but you’ve blown us away.  The services you provide and your expertise in billing puts you in a league of your own!
–J.G.V., Office Manager, MA

We started using OBS about 5 years ago. At that time our in-house billing staff was really behind in collections. Our accounts receivables were through the roof, reaching nearly two months worth of revenue with 60% of accounts over 120 days old. We were struggling to pay bills even though we were billing lots of exams, glasses, medical procedures, etc. OBS showed us proper billing processes and educated us about the insurances plans we were working with. Now our accounts receivables are less than one-third of one months’ income, most of which is less than 30 days old. We are now able to pay bills and make important purchases like new equipment and updating the office. OBS saved our practice.
–F.T.C., OD, New Mexico

Our practice started using OBS about 3 years ago. Even though we were a big practice and were seeing a lot of patients, we just couldn’t get ahead.  OBS helped us turn things around.  Branda helped us see how many medical exams we were giving away by filing to routine insurances, and she introduced us to coordination of benefits.  Big financial boost to the practice! Also, Branda showed us our fees were too low and helped us put together a new fee schedule.  We saw an up-tick in our cash flow almost immediately.  My staff was so busy that sometimes they didn’t send off claims for a couple of weeks at a time, but not OBS. They send off our claims two times a week and post insurance payments as they come in.. They also helped us reorganize our processes and did some staff training.  Our AR is now under control, and our practice finances have never been in better shape.  OBS turned our practice around!
-D.C., OD, Virginia

OBS’s expertise and knowledge of the insurance world is phenomenal! They’ve taken a lot of stress off of our clinic and have turned our AR’s around in a positive direction. Every clinic should have the support of OBS!
–C.M., OD, Colorado

Before we started using Optometric Billing Solutions three years ago, we had a few employees who had attempted to be our “billers” but they just did not have the time necessary to keep up with this process. Since we’ve used OBS our insurance billing is now done correctly and quickly and with much fewer problems. It is so nice to have a direct person who understands the billing process who can assist us and our patients when necessary. Branda and Brooke and their staff are very professional, efficient, and friendly. We would highly recommend them to any optometric practice looking to get their accounts receivable under control and the headaches of insurance billing out of their practices.
–C.D., Administrator, Nebraska

We used a different billing company prior to finding OBS.  Our experience with the other company was not positive.  Their performance was inconsistent at best, which meant my insurance collections were also inconsistent.  The last month we were with the other company, they only sent out claims twice.  I’m so grateful we found Optometric Billing Solutions.  Our experience with OBS has been wonderful.  I’ve seen our insurance collections rise significantly, and our AR has never looked better.  I can talk to them any time I have a question.  They are always professional and courteous.  I would highly recommend OBS to anyone thinking about outsourcing their billing.  OBS won’t disappoint or let you down.
–T. D., OD, Virginia

I couldn’t be happier with OBS.  They’ve been our billing company for nearly three years and do a great job.  It’s been nice turning the billing over to professionals who know what they’re doing. 
–E.S., OD, Tennessee

I heard about Optometric Billing Solutions from a colleague who used their services and was very satisfied.  I was impressed at how much Branda knew about insurance, and I have relied on her advice to help improve my practice.  She helped us analyze our fee schedule.  She also helped us move into billing more claims to medical carriers, and she introduced us to coordinating medical claims to patients’ routine carriers.  Without doing anything additional, I’ve seen my bottom line rise significantly by doing nothing more than billing smarter.  The OBS staff is also very competent. Their billers know how to bill claims that used to be problems for us, like comanages, DMERC, and Medicaid.   We are grateful to have OBS as part of our team.
–D.H., Ohio

We have been using OBS for several years, and they have really helped to bring down and keep down our AR. We love not having to deal with our billing “in-house” and have it taken care of without additional employees to manage.
–J.G.D, OD, Illinois

Before OBS started doing our billing, we were in financial trouble.  Our practice is in an underserved area, so we had plenty of patients but we didn’t know much about insurance.  A good share of our claims were denying, partly because of our software setup and also because we didn’t know billing “rules”.  OBS came on and helped us get things under control.  It took a little while because we were in such a mess, but Branda didn’t give up.  OBS saved us from closing our doors.
–M. M., Office Manager, Arkansas

When I first called OBS, our insurance AR was over $800,000.  My biller had retired.  After she left, we got claims sent out but no one had time to post anything.  We didn’t know what claims had denied, and we couldn’t even send out patient statements since we didn’t know where their accounts stood with insurance.  We were in a mess.  I called Optometric Billing Solutions and talked to Brooke.  I knew immediately I had called the right place.  Within three months of starting with OBS, my AR was down to $24,000 and in six months it was at $6200!  That was three years ago.  Today, I actually have a negative AR in claims over 90 days!  With OBS doing my insurance billing, 87% of my claims pay out in the first 30 days, and 96.2% pay out within 60 days.  OBS turned my practice around, and I’m now in better financial shape than I’ve been in during 17 years of practice.  As long as I’m in business, OBS will do my billing.
V.E.A., OD, Texas

OBS has been a great addition to our practice. 90% of our claims are paid out between 1-30 days. The staff that work with us are awesome. Thanks for everything, OBS!!!!
–T.B., Office Manager, Ohio

Just a note to say thanks for all the work your team does!  You guys are awesome and you’ve made my job here so much easier.  I always know things get done and we don’t even have to ask.  It’s so nice not to have to worry about insurance!
-S.D., Office Manager, Maine