Turning Problems into Profits

About OBS

Optometric Billing Solutions was founded on a mission to help doctors regain financial control over their insurance billing.  Our team of over 100 experienced billing specialists currently serve practices in over 40 states, and we believe they are the best trained in the country. Many of our staff have received medical coding and billing certification, and all OBS billers go through a 2-3 month optometric billing curriculum when they start at OBS to ensure they’re specialists in the optometric field.

We provide insurance billing for optometrists using all major practice management softwares: OfficeMate, Crystal PM, MaximEyes, RevolutionEHR, Compulink, and My Vision Express.  All OBS billers work in-house at our 20,000 sq-ft facility in Wichita, Kansas, because, unlike other companies, we do not feel we can maintain consistent quality if we outsource our accounts to off-site or overseas contractors.  Every OBS staff member is part of an in-house billing team headed by a senior manager whom they can go to for questions or assistance with difficult claim, and we consistently invest in staff training to keep our billing specialists up-to-date with changes in the industry.

Maybe it’s because we’re in the Heartland where a strong work ethic and personal integrity are so highly valued, but we know we couldn’t find a more qualified or hard-working staff.  OBS has enjoyed tremendous success since our beginnings in 2005, and we owe it all to this fantastic team!



OBS is owned by Brooke Armstrong and Branda Barton, two sisters who have each worked in the optometric field for over 20 years.  Both started working as insurance billers during college as they earned their degrees in Healthcare Administration, and then each went on to manage large practices.  With the growth of electronic medical records in the early 2000’s, Branda changed career paths and spent several years traveling throughout the United States as a practice management software consultant. Over and over again, she found the same problems facing optometrists all over the country–the need for better control over the practice’s finances and specifically, their insurance billing.  In-house billers were often poorly trained and didn’t understand the sometimes complex rules required to get specialized claims to pay.  Doctors and staff members were busy seeing patients and no one had time to follow up on unpaid claims, so accounts receivables grew into a mountain of lost revenue.  And there were very few resources in the field of optometry to help.

It was out of this need that Optometric Billing Solutions was born.  In 2005 Branda and Brooke combined their wealth of knowledge and experience to start OBS, the first billing company in the country to specialize in optometry.  The response was tremendous and the need has never changed.  Today, OBS serves optometric practices in 40 states.  Our clinics range from small, one-doctor start-ups to ten-doctor practices in multiple locations. Our wealth of knowledge and proprietary billing practices have allowed us to help hundreds of doctors nationwide–and we’re still growing!  But our mission remains the same:

 OBS Mission Statement

Optometric Billing Solutions is committed to providing optometrists with professional, cost-effective billing services to optimize their insurance reimbursements and maximize their cash flow. Recognizing that our clients have entrusted us with the financial lifeblood of their practices, we promise to reciprocate with the dedication, respect, and honesty their confidence deserves.

Regardless of your circumstances, if you have billing problems, we have answers!