Turning Problems into Profits

Insurance Billing for Optometrists

Billing Services for Optometry

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013

OBS was the first billing company in the country dedicated solely to optometry, and we’ve remained the industry leader since our beginnings in 2005. With clinics in 40 states, we...

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Learn More About OBS

About OBS:  Turning Problems into Profits

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013

Optometric Billing Solutions was founded on a mission to help doctors regain financial control over their insurance billing.  Our team of over 80 experienced billing...

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Outsourcing Your Billing

Outsourcing: What You Need to Know

Posted by on Jul 7, 2013

Do you need help with your billing but have concerns about turning it over to an outside company?   You are wise to be cautious!  We get frequent calls from optometrists who have...

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Helpful Resources

Free Resources: Route Slip, Facebook Posts, Training Videos, etc.

Posted by on Oct 16, 2017

  Over the years OBS has developed resources and training tools for our clinics and are happy to share some of them here with our compliments to the optometric community....

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Upcoming Changes our Offices Need to Know

Tricare is changing their enrollment period from a fiscal year that used to reset on October 1 to a calendar year, beginning January 1, 2018. This means that your Tricare patients’ deductibles will now start over again each January rather than October. For more information, please visit the Tricare website:  https://tricare.mil/CoveredServices/BenefitUpdates/Archives/10_12_17_Changes_FY2CY

Also, don’t forget that as of January 1, 2018, Heath Net Services will take over the West region, and the old North and South regions will merge into one new East region.  Humana Military will administer the new East region, but they have SUBCONTRACTED ALL VISION SERVICES TO EYEMED FOR BOTH MEDICAL AND ROUTINE CARE.  Therefore, optometrists in the East region will need to be contracted with EyeMed to continue to see Tricare patients.   For more information, refer to our earlier post, https://optometricbilling.com/tricare-dangers.


New Medicare cards with new patient ID numbers are coming next year.  Be ready!  In order to prevent identity theft, Medicare will stop using patients’ social security numbers as part of their ID starting in 2018.  Instead, all Medicare patients will be issued a new Medicare beneficiary identifier (MBI), and Medicare will start mailing out new cards with the new number in April of 2018.   This means that starting next April, our offices should start asking Medicare enrollees for a copy of their new card and begin updating their software with the new ID numbers.  Medicare plans to honor both ID numbers on claims until the end of 2019, after which they will only accept claims with the new MBIs.  Please go to the CMS website for more information for providers about this upcoming change.

Go to https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/New-Medicare-Card/index.html.



UPDATE: The merger was ratified on December 1, so officially both Davis and Superior are now combined under the same Centerbridge/Highmark corporate umbrella.  However, we talked to a company representative and learned that for now both companies will continue to operate independently with “business as usual.”  Therefore, providers can expect no immediate change with the completion of the sale.  While the company emphasized there was currently no official date for any changes, they did concede that these would be coming at some point in the future and advised us that offices should be looking for a fax which would outline these changes when that time comes.  

Have you heard that Davis and Superior are merging? Centerbridge Partners, owned by Highmark, who already owned Superior, is in the process of purchasing Davis Vision and plans to merge the two companies. Reports indicate that the sale should be final somewhere near the end of the year. It’s too early to know what this will mean to providers, but look for more information in the months to come.


Many practices use Facebook as a great tool to stay connected with their patients.  However, coming up with informative posts and interesting graphics is always a challenge, so OBS decided to help!   We got creative and made dozens of royalty-free marketing, inspirational, educational and holiday graphics for you to use on your Facebook page!  The images can be used alone or in conjunction with your own content.  This was so much fun, we’ll do it again, so bookmark the page to check back later. Click on the picture below to preview and download images.  Enjoy!