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If you’re an optometrist with insurance billing problems, Optometric Billing Solutions can help!  OBS is the nation’s leader in insurance billing for optometrists, serving ODs from all over the country since 2005. We work with practices in over 40 states, so we already know your insurance payers and how to maximize your reimbursements.  Our clinics often see a significant increase in revenues, and because they’ve turned their billing over to professionals, the doctors and staff can get back to the important business of taking care of patients.

Our experience in handling claims, our expansive knowledge of insurance, and our know-how and tenacity in digging into a mountain of AR all mean a bigger bottom line for your company.  You’ll also see improved cash flow with a fast turn-around times for your claims.  On average, 85% of our claims pay within the first 30 days, and by 60 days, 95% of all claims we’ve filed have paid!  And we continue to work on the remaining 5%, calling insurance companies and writing appeals!  Our goal is to collect every penny due to our doctors.



We’re experts at–

  • submitting clean claims that will process and pay the FIRST time
  • posting your insurance payments and billing any secondary payers
  • working every unpaid account on your AR report
  • appealing claims wrongly denied
  • serving as a great professional resource for your billing and insurance questions.

We only serve optometrist, so we understand the unique demands of a profession that requires a strong knowledge of both medical and routine billing and how to meld the two for the greatest financial benefit.  Because we specialize, you benefit from our knowledge and expertise!


Optometric Billing Solutions has been in business since 2005.  The company is owned by Brooke Armstrong and Branda Barton, two sisters with degrees in Healthcare Administration.   Brooke managed a six million dollar practice for over five years, while Branda served as the financial manager of a 2 million dollar practice before leaving to travel throughout the United States as a practice management software consultant. Over and over again, she found the same problems facing optometrists all over the country–the need for better control over practice’s finances.  It was out of this need that OBS was formed.  Our clinics range from small, one-doctor start-ups to seven-doctor clinics with multiple locations.

OBS currently employs over 80 billers, many of whom have earned their medical coding and billing certification.  We continually invest in our staff’s training because we know they are the backbone of our company’s success, and all billers work on-site at our beautiful new facility in Wichita, KS.  Unlike other companies, we do not out-source our accounts to off-site or overseas staff because it’s too difficult to maintain consistent quality.

We could not be more proud of our dedicated team!  Maybe it’s because we’re in the Heartland where a strong work ethic and personal integrity are so highly valued, but we know we couldn’t find a more qualified or hard-working staff.  OBS has enjoyed tremendous success since our beginnings in 2005, and we owe it all to this fantastic team!

The staff at Optometric Billing Solutions are experts in our field. We have a proven track record in maximizing insurance revenues for our practices, and a long history with each of our clients.  We still serve the first four clinics we started business with in 2005, and would be happy to provide you with references from our clients.  If you have questions, we invite you to call us at 877.727.3695.   We can discuss our services with you in greater detail and help you determine if OBS would be a good fit for your practice!



  Reach us toll free at 877-727-3695.
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