Turning Problems into Profits

OBS is the nation’s leader in insurance billing for ODs– offering the most knowledgeable, reliable service in the optometric field.

The staff at Optometric Billing Solutions are experts in our field because we’ve only served optometrists since 2005. We understand the unique demands of optometric billing that require a strong knowledge of both medical and routine vision.  We currently serve practices in 40 states, so we know your insurance payers and how to file for maximum reimbursements. We work your AR report each month, so you’ll see your accounts receivables drop significantly.  We have a long history with each of our clients because they are so satisfied with our services.  We still serve the very first clinic we started business with in 2005!  We are always happy to provide you with references from our clients.  If you have questions, we invite you to call us toll free at 877.727.3695 and ask for Tarina.   We’d like to discuss our services with you in greater detail and help you determine if OBS would be a good fit for your practice!


Need more information?  Call us toll free at 877.727.3695, or email us at tarina@OBSteam.com.  We’ll be happy to discuss our services and see if we would be a good fit for your practice.