Turning Problems into Profits

Office Training

We find that staff members at our offices often have many of the same questions.  This is especially true when offices hire new staff.  Therefore, OBS is starting to compile a video library on common topics our offices often ask us about as a short billing course for your staff.

As we expand this content, if there is a subject you would like us to cover, please email us at mary@optometricbilling.com.


IMPORTANT: These pages are password protected.  If you are not able to access the videos, please contact your coordinator or call Mary, our training manager, toll free at 877-727-3695, ext 210, for the new password.


ON-BOARDING VIDEOS.   Important information for new practices, but also a good review for our established clients as well.

Standard Billing Procedures.  This three-part training video reviews standard billing procedures for optometric practices to ensure their insurance billing goes well and claims process quickly.  Doctors and staff members should watch all three parts since the information applies to all positions in the office. Topics includes important billing considerations for doctors’ coding, front desk, and checkout. Each video is approximately 10 minutes.

Medical vs Routine: Increase Revenue by Using Coordinations of Benefits. Two-part video covering both the doctors and staff’s roles in implementing a billing model using both medical and routine insurance benefits to increase reimbursements through Coordination of Benefits.   These are longer videos (20 minutes and 10 minutes) but are packed full of critical information about how to correctly handle both medical and routine claims.


TRAINING VIDEOS.  Watch for new content as we cover additional topics!

VSP Medically Necessary Contacts

Cataract Surgery Post-Op Co-Manages

Traditional Medicare vs Medicare Replacement Plans

Coordination of Benefits


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  OBS has made every effort to ensure we have included valid and correct information in these training videos at the time they were created.  However, insurance billing for optometrists changes regularly as payers update their policies, and there will always be exceptions to every “rule,” especially with regional payers and state Medicaids.  OBS can advise our clinics based on our experience in the field and exposure to industry standards, but all billing/coding decisions and office policies are ultimately the responsibility of the doctors and practice.