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Billing for ODs

OBS can help your practice!

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013

–Are you struggling to maintain control over your insurance billing and account receivables? –Trouble finding or keeping trained billers who understand the confusing maze of insurance billing? –Is your staff too busy to follow up on unpaid claims? –Are you writing off thousands of dollars in uncollected money because you don’t have the expertise to get insurance companies to pay? If so, you’ve joined the ranks of untold other optometric practices that are losing thousands of dollars in lost revenues and mounting ARs. Optometric Billing Solutions can help! . We‘re experts at: • Submitting claims to ensure maximum insurance reimbursements • Posting insurance payments accurately and quickly • Managing Account Receivables, working EVERY unpaid claim • Following up on problem accounts, researching and reprocessing so they pay out • Serving as a professional resources for billing and insurance questions • Helping set up procedures for effective billing processes • Compiling monthly AR reports for the practice to track trends and monitor receivables • Increasing the practice’s insurance reimbursement   OBS is an experienced billing company serving ODs from all over the country for over 10 years. We work with...

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OBS Advantage

The OBS Advantage

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013

Our services pay for themselves.  We’re professionals who know how to collect every available dollar.  We know your insurance payers, so we know how to maximize reimbursements.  We can help you identify claims in which you’re consistently leaving money on the table. Our billing processes are accurate and efficient, so claims go out clean and right the first time, leaving fewer unpaid accounts.  If there is a problem claim, we know how to research and follow up so that it pays out, and we’re experts at tackling your AR.  Plus, you won’t have to worry about staff turnover, covering vacation time, or unpredictable cash flow because you’ll always have full-time professionals working on your accounts. We’re experts in the field of optometric billing.  We only serve optometrists, so we understand the unique demands of a profession that requires a strong knowledge of both medical and routine billing and how to meld the two for the greatest financial benefit.  We have practices in over thirty-five states.  Therefore, we already know your insurance payers and their rules, so we know how to get claims to pay on the first submission.  We’re not an optometric department within some large medical billing company who mainly serves MDs; we...

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Learn More About OBS

About Optometric Billing Solutions

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013

. Optometric Billing Solutions currently serves clinics in 36 states and is owned by Brooke Armstrong and Branda Barton, two sisters who have both managed large clinics.  They understand the financial challenges facing optometric practices because as managers they’ve faced the very same problems themselves. Brooke has a degree in Healthcare Administration and managed a six million dollar practice for over five years. Branda, whose educational background is also in Healthcare Administration, served as the financial manager of a 1.8 million dollar practice before leaving to travel throughout the United States as a practice management software consultant. Over and over again, she found the same problems facing optometrists all over the country–the need for better control over practice’s finances. Optometric Billing Solutions was founded on a mission to help doctors regain financial control.  Branda and Brooke–along with our team of trained, experienced billers–currently serve optometric practices in over 35 states.  Our clinics range from small, one-doctor start-ups to seven-doctor clinics with multiple locations.   Many of our staff have received their medical coding and billing certification, and all billers work in-house.  Unlike other companies, we do not out-source our accounts to off-site or overseas staff because it is...

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Outsourcing Your Billing

Outsourcing: What You Need to Know

Posted by on Jul 7, 2013

Do you need help with your billing but have concerns about turning it over to an outside company? You are wise to be cautious! We get frequent calls from optometrists who have had bad experiences with outsourcing–for a variety of reasons. Medical billing companies don’t understand the hybrid world we live in that combines medical and routine vision. Some companies hire employees with little experience and don’t give them the training and support they need to do the job well. Some companies spread themselves too thin, taking on too many clients without the resources to adequately devote to each account. Some companies outsource their accounts to off-site employees–some of whom are home-based and some who are located overseas, making it difficult for billing companies to control the quality and consistency of their work. There are some things you can do to help protect yourself and reduce frustrations! Recently we came across a great article published in AAPC’s The Coding Edge, a healthcare magazine for medical coders and billers. The article was called “Ask the Right Questions Before Outsourcing Your Billing.” * Here...

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39 States and Counting!

obs states.

OBS just started new clinics is Indiana and Mississippi.  Welcome to our new practices!  It’s been a joy working with you!

We serve optometric practices in 39 states–but our goal is to be in all 50.  If you live in one of the “white” states, please call us!  We’re the largest optometric billing company in the country, but we won’t feel like we’re done until we have clinics in every state and can truly say we know every insurance payer’s rules and policies in the entire nation.  We love digging in and learning new payers and finding out their rules–even if some are kind of frustrating or quirky!  (You wouldn’t believe some of the state Medicaid rules that are out there!)  It’s what gives us the advantage in billing.  Because we know the ins-and-outs of so many insurances in so many states, we know how to get claims paid.  We admit we’re a little obsessed, but we LOVE seeing checks rolling in to our practices and their ARs all but disappearing!  We even have an all staff meeting every month just to celebrate clinics with the lowest ARs and recognize the billers who made it happen.

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May Day at OBS!

May Day was officially on Sunday this year, but our staff came in to a fun and tasty surprise on May 2–May Baskets!   Branda and Kathie made charming May baskets for the entire staff, quite a feat when you realize we have over 70 employees!  Thanks, ladies!  Your thoughtfulness was appreciated!

May baskets 1